Sorry For Lack Of Recent Activity

Ridiculously busy at the moment.

Expect normal ranting to resume sometime early next week!


5 Responses to “Sorry For Lack Of Recent Activity”

  1. Ross Grove Says:

    I typed “wanker” in the password box in your previous box and nothing happened. Why?

  2. Peter Neiger Says:

    Well hurry up, without you I have no idea what is happening west of the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Sorry – that was up simply because I needed to urgently transfer a file to someone for work who didn’t have access to reading email attachments , so just uploaded it there, and took it down.
    It’s really nothing worth reading.

  4. Tim Humphries Says:

    make sure you post up ur analysis on sunday’s joint party room meeting. It’s been billed as a showdown, which means in showbiz, something impotent, I mean important 🙂

  5. Clinton Mead Says:

    The PDF’s say “Not For Public Distribution”.

    Although, I guess readers of your blog aren’t really the “public”.

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