An Inconvenient Question

The Freedom Fighters behind Not Evil Just Wrong decided to attend the premiere of “The Age Of Stupid”, a nouveau-communist film, and ask a simple question: how did you get to the premiere? After all, the film says that cheap airfares are the greatest evil mankind has created etc etc.

This is what happened:

Freedom of the press indeed…


4 Responses to “An Inconvenient Question”

  1. Tim Humphries Says:

    Very slick indeed heh.

  2. nick Says:

    But Tim… don’t you think that just criticising the individuals who are attending the premiere is an ad hominem attack? One that completely skirts around the issue — all for the sake of blowing rasberries at people?

    I mean, if you’re trying to contradict a scientific consensus, then I would imagine that the very *last* thing you want to do would be to stoop to those sorts of underhanded tactics.

    Please reply!

  3. nick Says:

    and I think my characterisation, while perhaps biased, is certainly furthered by the “resources” tab of the “not evil just wrong” website containing only a poster and a flier — and a complete absence of any hard evidence for their position.

  4. whyisitso Says:

    Nick, if you watched the YouTube you would have seen that questions were indeed asked of people central to the film’s production. You obviously don’t mind being preached to by people who are demonstrably hypocrites.

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