A Horrifying Look Inside The Bush Whitehouse

I want to make one thing clear to my readers. Now that the dust has settled, there can be no excuse for anyone still thinking President George W. Bush was a conservative.

None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

On a purely factual basis his domestic economic policy was the most left wing in decades. He was Dukakis in a cowboy hat, and this can not be debated. There is no more room for doubt. Say what you like about his foreign policy adventures, when it comes to key conservative litmus tests on the economy, he failed each and every one. So if you live in Australia, and only read the Socialist Marxist Herald or the Spencer Street Soviet, and still think Bush was a conservative, get over it. It’s just not funny anymore.

With that out of the way though, even I was shocked to read revelations about President Bush’s blatant attacks on the conservative movement that were revealed earlier today, where he claimed to have ‘redefined’ the Republican Party, and – yes really – claimed to have destroyed the conservative movement.

But not even that could prepare me for the mind-numbing horror that an article in today’s GQ Style by former Bush Speechwriter Matt Latimer induced. Writing about the events surrounding the Global Economic Downturn in October last year, and President Bush’s decision embrace fully-fledged socialism, Mr. Latimer paints a portrait so vivid that… well… horror can be the only word to describe it. Jaw-dropping, spine-chilling horror.

Just read the article. And remember that Bush’s decision with TARP was the most radical socialisation of the US economy in almost 50 years.

(Note: Matt Latimer’s book is coming out on September 22. I have already ordered a copy)


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