Coolest Church Ever


Mosnews reports:

“The Russian Orthodox Church has ordered a mobile church from the Volgograd Heavy Transport Equipment Plant, has noted. The new church will join rail churches and floating churches already in service. It is built on a converted KamAZ truck.

The church is square and olive-drab in color when it is mobile, in keeping with government standards for military vehicles. But it opens up into a chapel that meets all the canonical structural requirements of the Russian Orthodox Church. A system of pivots and hinges allows it to unfold a cross-topped steeple. Inside, there is an altar and confessional. The total area inside the church is 40 square meters, room enough for about 50 people. There is also churchyard with a folding fence.

The mobile church has its own generator, air conditioner and heating system. It can be broken down and made mobile again within four hours, by two people. “Our church will be able to travel to the farthest military units and subdivisions in the most severe climatic zones and inaccessible locations,” boasted its chief designer.

The mobile church made its battlefield debut earlier this month at exercises in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.”

I want to attend a tank-church!

(H/T: ROCOR United)


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