On Turnbull & The ALP

“The Sunday Mail has confirmed Mr Turnbull approached at least six senior ALP figures, including former prime minister Bob Hawke, actively seeking their endorsement to join the ALP at the time of the republic referendum.”

What I find puzzling is that such news would come as a suprise to anyone. After all, back in 2003 Labor senator Nick Bolkus publicly revealed that that in the late ’90s Turnbull had “chewed the fat with him about gaining preselection for the Labor Party“, and his ideological views were well known upon his ascension to the leadership. As I wrote at the time, Turnbull’s positions always been anathema to the nation’s conservatives, and there really should be no surprises here.

As much as this information might delight those who claimed all along he was a Manchurian Candidate, this is utter rot. We knew what we were doing when we elected him leader, and, for better or for worse, we are now stuck with this decision. There is no viable alternative, so we’ll just have to soldier on.

Best line of the day though goes to Labor Minister Martin Ferguson, who said that “the Federal Government isn’t trying to “finish off” Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull by revealing he actively pursued a career in Labor…Mr Turnbull is doing a good job of destroying his career on his own!” Heh.


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