US Government Spends More On Healthcare Than ANY Other Major Country

Health Expenditure (WHO)Obamacare proponents have long decried the “failure” of free market health care in the U.S. “If only we had more government money” they said!

“If only we could throw some more taxpayer dollars at it then everything would be okay! The free market has failed, so we need government to step in!”

We have a free market in healthcare in the U.S at the moment?

Yeah, right.

In fact, the U.S Government spends more per person than any other major developed country.

I repeat. Per person, the U.S Government spends more per person than pretty much any other government. This isn’t total spending. This doesn’t include insurance or individual payments. This is government spending. Only. These are OUR taxdollars. And we have more government involvment in health than any other major nation.

This is NOT a free market. This is a clear case of government failure.

If Obamacare is enacted, we will be spending close to $4,000 in taxpayer dollars – in the most inefficient way possible. We already spend more taxpayer dollars than Europe on health, and it clearly hasn’t work.

At the moment, the U.S has a world class private system, but also with government muddying the water, interfereing, and creating the many problems that currently do exist.

The solution is NOT to do more of that which has failed. Rather, is it to take advantage of what works: the market.

The solution is NOT more government – it is less.

(Originally posted at Americans for Tax Reform)


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8 Responses to “US Government Spends More On Healthcare Than ANY Other Major Country”

  1. Michael Says:

    Why not scrap the current system, give every American a small healthcare tax credit, and bam! “Universal healthcare” on the cheap.

  2. Otto Says:

    Says a lot doesn’t it, in fact, it would come as as surprise to many. Good post.

  3. Verbal Grappling Hooks Says:

    I have no particular intrest here but I just lifted this from Wiki as balanced view:

    “Canada’s system is largely publicly funded. Americans spent an estimated US$6,714 per capita on health care, while Canadians spent US$3,678.[15] This amounted to 15.3% of US GDP in that year, while Canada spent 10.0% of GDP on health care.

    A 2007 review of all studies comparing health outcomes in Canada and the US found that “health outcomes may be superior in patients cared for in Canada versus the United States, but differences are not consistent..”

    Wouldn’t that suggest that the issue is not market vs governement? But bad Policy? That could be a number of reasons for that (brown paper bag full of money comes to mind). Private Insurance firms to not remove this. There is more interest in Profit than patient care

    I haven’t experienced the US or candian system so I will leave it you all that have but I always seem to hear issues with HMO’s and there “reluctance” to pay out.

  4. Tim Andrews Says:

    You make a somewhat valid point. In many ways the US system is extremely flawed, and I hope to address this in later posts. I merely wish to point out you can not attribute this to the free market, as many have done

  5. Tim Andrews Says:

    I will point out though that there are thousaands of canadians who go to the us every year for treatment. The number the other way around is approximatly zero.

    On Aug 11, 2009 11:01 PM, “Tim Andrews” wrote:

    You make a somewhat valid point. In many ways the US system is extremely flawed, and I hope to address this in later posts. I merely wish to point out you can not attribute this to the free market, as many have done

  6. Verbal Grappling Hooks Says:

    Tim slight difference there i.e. you have to have a canadian address to recieve the universal coverage so it would be a little difficult for US citizens to get an treatment (well not really if you include the estimated 1Billion on pescriptions candian loses through US citizens crossing the boarder for cheaper drugs) . Where as you can pay in the US.

    Also you need to take into account the reasons why people cross the boarder for treatment… there is a large poportion that cross due to convienance (i.e. the are remote and live close to the boarder – with aUS city closer by) and in some cases where they are sent to the US the provincal medical areas pick up the tab…

    Not trying to pick a fight here just point out somethings in my 2 seconds of research

  7. Maxcimos Says:

    It’s not just bad health care policy in the USA but the high cost of health care. People aren’t getting value for money.

  8. Tim Andrews Says:

    I agree. But you look at why the costs are so high. Firstly, the ridiculous situation with the legal system which makes doctors practice fdefensive medicine etc driving up costs. Then the fact that you can’t purchase insurance accross state lines. Finally there’s the fact that due to the perverse nature of the tax code you have employee provided healthcare for most people, which really kills competition and choice, thereby driving costs up considerably.

    (all this on top of the obvious reason that government subsidies increase costs etc)

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