Guest Post: An Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull

Tim Humphries, blogger and member of the QLD Liberal National Party has requested to put a guest post up on my blog – an open letter he wrote to Malcolm Turnbull. Please find it below, completely unedited and unchanged from what was sent into me. I must stress that I personally make no comment on, or endorsement of, the below post and put it up simply for the purposes of facilitating discussion.

I will however note one thing. One of the fundamental principles underpinning the free market is that of knowledge dispersal. No one individual – or even group of individuals – ever has anything near perfect knowledge. This is why Soviet Command and Control economies failed. In the free market, the diffuse knowledge of millions of people, through price signals, is harassed. In much the same way that this dispersal of knowledge works in the market, so, I think, it can work in organisations.

With that in mind, here is Tim Humphries letter:Dear Mr Turnbull:

In recent days there has been discussion about reports regarding the
non-release of an analysis  commissioned by the coalition regarding
the reasons why we lost the last federal election.

There has been during this period, much speculation as to why such an
important report would continue to be suppressed from public view.

Why is it that this legitimate analysis has not been released to
carefully scrutinize how we go about rebuilding the stocks of the
Liberal Party of Australia?

It seems too convenient to say that you personally have suppressed the
release of this report, in an attempt to counteract any negative
feedback that may arise from it.

The other more pressing concern, maybe that you  already know what is
contained in this report and you do not wish the truthfulness that it
contains to attach to your Leadership and bring you down further in
the polls.

Surely such misplaced and cold blooded self-interest needs to be put
aside in the interests of the broader party?

If you do indeed believe in freedom and Liberal values pertaining to
individualism, surely you would be of the opinion with your
mountainous experience in this area across business and the law, that
accountability is ultimately the standard by which the great party of
Menzies must be held to.

Surely taking an honest and open account of where we have fallen over
and where we can begin building a dialog for future success must be
the direction to take.

If you do not seriously consider this process, we will be resigned to
a long period in opposition, long after you are gone from the

You’re ambition is not more important that future of the Liberal Party
of Australia.

Stand on the principles that you espouse and open up the Liberal Party
to a true dialog about where we can go in the future. If you don’t
seriously consider this, it will only confirm your weakness as a



Timothy Humphries

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2 Responses to “Guest Post: An Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull”

  1. Brian Says:

    I agree, come on Turnbull, it can do no wrong.

  2. Coder11 Says:

    Mabel’s ex-husband drifts in and out of her life during the first season. ,

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