Why We Should Invade Victoria

Mercurius, over at Lavartus Prodeo writes on why we should invade Victoria:

“It’s time to talk about Victoria.

It’s become clear since yesterday’s arrests that the alleged terrorists have one thing in common. One thing that the PC-obsessed, ALP-controlled, ethnic-loving media are too scared to talk about.

They all came from a state with a history of violent separatism dating back to 1854. Their home territory has been torn apart by lawless crime-gangs, random gun violence, racist street thugs and strident voices preaching hatred.

You know what I mean. Even the name carries triumphalist overtones of world domination.

These Victorians may sound innocuous — their motto is Peace and Prosperity and they call their homeland the ‘Garden State’. But they are already making moves on the rest of the country, infiltrating Queensland in unprecedented numbers. Soon we in NSW will be caught in a pincer movement. Once their domination of the east coast is established, there is nothing to stop them rolling westward to claim the entire continent.”

Quite a good satire I think. Read the whole thing here (my thoughts on foreign policy, intervention and my mea culpa on Iraq you can read here)

As a side note, I only started reading LP regularly rather recently, but I’ve actually been quite impressed with it. Despite being unabashedly left, it’s generally quite well written from what I’ve seen so far, and actually find myself agreeing with posts far more often than I would have expected. I think we in the right often tend to only read and listen to that which we already agree with (I certainly do this far too often). The problem is that in effect we become one giant echo chamber, which obviously isn’t a rather good thing! So would encourage everyone to try to keep track of LP as a good example of rational thinking on the left, and perhaps for some examples on what we in the libertarian-right can work together with the left on.


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