Britain Officially Orwellian State

I have previously commented on the descent of Britain into a soft totalitarian state, so I suppose I should have been prepared for this. But I wasn’t. I have spent the last half hour walking around the office in a stupour, wondering just how we got to this point.

The Children’s Secretary set out £400million plans to put 20,000 problem families under 24-hour CCTV super-vision in their own homes. They will be monitored to ensure that children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals. Private security guards will also be sent round to carry out home checks, while parents will be given help to combat drug and alcohol addiction. Around 2,000 families have gone through these Family Intervention Projects so far. But ministers want to target 20,000 more in the next two years, with each costing between £5,000 and £20,000 – a potential total bill of £400million.

I am speechless. Just speechless. I was convinced it was a hoax, but it seems to be quite genuine. 1984 is no longer a mere instruction manual for the British government, it’s the blueprint for their entire state.

(H/T: Questing For Atlantis)


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4 Responses to “Britain Officially Orwellian State”

  1. Nick Tyrrell Says:

    It’s interesting Tim, but I’d suggest that if families receive welfare from the State (ie. the taxpayer), and the purpose of that welfare is not to simply maintain the status quo of that family but to provide support for a period of time in order that the family has an opportunity to extricate itself from the issues that affect it currently, then the State (ie. taxpayer) might have a reasonable expectation of some measure of success in the application of that support.

    Now if those families were not receiving State welfare… that’s another kettle of fish!

  2. Adam Gwynne Says:

    I think this should only be used in a case of last resort where the next option is the permanent removal of children from the parents. Surely it’s just an intermediate step in the already existing procedures in this country and others?

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Nick – where do we draw the line? The vast majority of people some form of welfare. Pensioners? Medicare? FTB?

    Far better to abolish welfare anyway though 🙂

    Adam – and so the slippery slope begins…

  4. Peter Neiger Says:

    This is the line that worries me the most…

    “This Government has been in power for more than a decade during which time anti-social behaviour, family breakdown and problems like alcohol abuse and truancy have just got worse and worse.”

    There have been times (including now) that homosexuality, atheism, rock music and many other behaviours have been seen as “anti-social” or contributing to “family breakdown”. Should people who exhibit these behaviours be monitored? Should rights be violated because someone doesn’t fit the government’s image of social behaviour? I think this is a very, very dangerous precedent. I would predict the next step would be CCTV survelliance of convicts after they are released… then people like prostitutes, suspected drug dealers, maybe throw in some Muslims for fun…
    Next thing you know it is “anti-social” if you don’t vote or argue against the government.

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