Mr. Squiggle


6 Responses to “Mr. Squiggle”

  1. Tim Andrews Says:

    In other news, WTF is the new Play School theme ( so retarded?
    Complete travesty!

  2. Mark Homeming Says:

    The man from the moon was awesome!

    Cranky ol’ Blackboard was good to watch as well. Hah!

  3. Ross Grove Says:

    One of the better things to come from state-owned TV. New Play School song is an abomination. Where is the opposition in these situations?

  4. sonieee Says:

    “Huuurrrrrrrrry uuuuuuuuup!”

    Mr Squiggle was a great show!

    Remember the tractor guy? What was his name?

  5. Gosia Says:

    can anyone remember my fav tractor’s name? I cant & its thoroughly annoying! Help?

  6. Gosia Says:

    finally worked it out. his name is Steam Shovel!

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