Make Our Voices Heard: Take Action On School League Tables!

One of the things that struck me today was that Barry O’Farrell really and genuinely doesn’t know the depth of feeling against censoring the media from publishing school league tables. He honestly is unaware just how his stance has put the Parliamentary team in jeopardy with its supporters, members and donors. In fact, I’ve been reliably informed that Mr. O’Farrell really is quite blissfully ignorant , and has actually said it can’t be a problem because no-one from the party membership has contacted him about this!

So. Let’s change that. Rather than than just whinge to each other, let’s take action and make a difference. Let’s make our voice heard!

I call on ALL readers of this blog to contact Barry and let him know your thoughts! If enough Liberal Party members contact Mr. O’Farrell’s office on this, we CAN get a policy reversal.

You can send an email to outlining your concerns, as well as leave a comment on facebook where he has set up a ‘discussion‘ on this. Or do both. (You can also cc just to ensure he gets the message)! It doesn’t have to be a long analysis or anything, just let him know how you feel. It won’t be public, so you don’t have to worry about. It will take you only two minutes. And it will make a difference.

Please pass this message on to everyone you know who believes in fundamental Liberal principles, and wants to see change! Let’s get this happening!!! It if only if we all do this that we will save the Liberal Party from political and ideological disaster.

One short email to is all it takes. Two minutes of your time will make a BIG difference.

(Also, I would appreciate it if you do follow up on this that you note it down in comments section here, but that’s purely up to you)

If you believe in conservative/classical liberal values, if you want the Liberal Party to succeed, if you really want  change to happen then TAKE ACTION!



Update: You can also tweet Barry at @barryofarrell. Keep the pressure up!


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12 Responses to “Make Our Voices Heard: Take Action On School League Tables!”

  1. Justin Simon Says:


  2. Yet Another Leagues Table Post « Catholicism and Liberty Says:

    […] July 9, 2009 Although, as The Australian notes, Barry O’Farrell is out on his own when it comes to school leagues table, with a distinct lack of support from either the federal or other state Liberal Party divisions, it would seem he doesn’t yet know this. […]

  3. Nicholas Tam Says:


    Barry, as a longstanding Coalition supporter, I have to say that I am utterly appalled by your bizarre decision to support legislation that is both unconstitutional and antithetical to the interests of parents, students and the future skills base of the Australian economy.

    The reality is that the standard of education in Australia today is abysmal. By international benchmarks, our performance in terms of literacy, numeracy, science and various other measures are mediocre at best, and as a developed first-world nation we should be doing much better.

    Instead of recognising these problems and attempting to address them, your policy decision with regard to school league tables will only exacerbate the academic disadvantages afflicting far too many Australian students. It is bad enough that you want to engage in gratuitous censorship of the media. What is worse, to the point of indefensible, is the fact that you regard parents and the public as being too stupid and “simplistic” to be trusted with information about the performance of NSW students and NSW schools.

    An effective education system needs to meet some core objective standards: primary among them are ensuring that every student can read, write and perform basic mathematics. If a child cannot read or spell, there is nothing “simplistic” or “crude” about that fact – it is an objective standard. Where schools and students cannot reach those standards, that is unacceptable, and it simply is not good enough for you to censor that information and then punish any newspaper that dares to expose such a scandalous situation.

    Do not hide behind superficial rhetoric invoking the bureuacratic bogeyman here, Barry. You know that is rubbish. This has never been about bureaucrats determining school standards. This is about whether students have been taught properly. There is nothing “great” about the unedifying mediocrity of illiteracy and innumeracy. Parents need to know how schools are performing so they can demand better. So they can rescue their children from incompetent teaching and negative academic cultures.

    A little bit of alliteration cannot justify the abhorrent double standards you are advocating in the NSW education system, Barry. We should not expect less of schools because they are located in a rural area or a poor area. This is appalling arrogance on your behalf, Barry. If you were truly committed to socio-economic mobility and lifting the poor from the depths of disadvantage, you would not so readily support the censorship that ensures the poorly taught presume they are geniuses.

  4. Tim Humphries Says:


  5. Tim Humphries Says:

    Mr O’Farrell:

    I was recently dismayed to learn of your position relating to School League tables in NSW.

    Censoring such material from public dissemination and rigorous analysis, is WRONG and runs counter to the core Conservative-Liberal principles that the Liberal Party is supposed to represent!

    As Tim Andrews recently said on his blog:

    If you believe in conservative/classical liberal values, if you want the Liberal Party to succeed, if you really want change to happen then TAKE ACTION!

    It’s time to stand up for our core values, It’s time to start re-paying the support and trust of our supporters by remaining true to the character and dignity of those core values! If you do that your supporters will work harder and more effectively for you and this will show in voter reaction! Show you can be a leader.


    Tim Humphries
    twitter id: mothyspace

  6. Sam R Says:


  7. Josh A Says:

    Just written Barry an email, simply, quick and hopefully effective.

  8. Josh A Says:

    Dear Mr. O’Farrell

    There is no denying that our Education system in this state is in Crisis, this is despite the great efforts of our hard working teachers and students. Indeed the problem lies not in our suburbs or towns, but on Macquarie Street where our Schools are truly being failed. Because for too long our Schools have been run through a Soviet style command and control structure, instead Schools should be responding to the needs of students and families, not bureaucrats.

    The only way to do this is to put power back in the hands of Parents, through transparency, information and educational vouchers. Whilst the model of League Tables presented by Labor may not have been perfect, I find it difficult to understand the only amendment we supported was a far-left Greens proposal. Why could we not have put forward a Small-Government Liberal solution?

    The fact is if we want to fix this states education system Parents need to be able to decide which School is best for their Child, we need not worry about Schools falling behind because as has shown time and time again, Choice is a tide that rises all boats. And whilst some may claim that if we have a policy of our own Labor may steal it, that is a cost that we should be willing to bare if it improves the education and lives of our next generation of New South Welshmen. The longer we play politics like Labor has done on this issue, the more vulnerable Children we condemn. This State can’t afford to do it any longer.

    Please, stop selling out on this parties values, and please stop selling out on these Children. They deserve not simply an opposition, but an Alternative Government who recognizes there is so much rebuilding to do, they can’t wait to be in the Treasury benches to do it.


    Joshua Armstrong

  9. Marky Says:

    Done. Short email though, lol.

  10. JaketheMuss Says:

    Dear Mr O’Farrell,

    You may think you’ve won the day but I can assure you the lizard keepers can not be permanantly be put down. We shall rise up against your tyranny and restore the republic and liberty for all who remember the lizard and keep it holy.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jake Zanoni


    in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have sent the email while on PCP

  11. Brad Says:

    I just got an email from Barry:

    “I strongly support more meaningful information to parents about their child’s education, their own school’s performance and how their own school compares to similar schools.

    I am opposed to crude and simplistic ‘league tables’ that rank schools from top to bottom regardless of their differences.

    You can’t fairly compare and rank schools in communities as different as Brewarrina, Bankstown and Balgowlah.

    Crude and simplistic ‘league tables’ stigmatise great kids and great teachers whose school some bureaucrat decides to give a low rank to.

    Our kids’ future is too important to tolerate them being tagged for life by a crude and simplistic ‘league table’.”

  12. Nicholas Tam Says:

    Ah, the old cut and paste from his Facebook discussion page.

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