Young Conservative Rap

Clever? Funny? Pathetic? Sad?

I report. You decide.


5 Responses to “Young Conservative Rap”

  1. Leon Bertrand Says:

    Not bad at all.

  2. Paul Says:

    Its about time young conservatives step up with grassroot campaign to win this country back 🙂

  3. Leon Bertrand Says:

    Which country? Australia or the United States?

  4. Ross Grove Says:

    A little pious in some areas but I’ve seen far far worse vehicles for conservatism. This may even have some legs. Ross.

  5. Elaine Says:

    It’s about time. I don’t view this as ‘funny, pathetic or sad’ I view it as REFRESHING! Mucho Kudos to these two brave young American men. I wish we had MORE young American men who THINK for themselves – who READ CRITICALLY and can correctly assess America’s situation. These two guys are DEAD-ON and America can only hope that more young males will ‘GET IT’ and start standing up for this country. Finally, we get to see a couple of young American leaders. Thanks for posting this.

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