Australian Liberals on Twitter

I’ve recently started up a new project, Australian Liberals on Twitter which I strongly urge everyone to check out.

Based on the widely successful started Top Conservatives On Twitter, this new project will allow Liberals from around Australia who use twitter to link up, share information, and better co-ordinate our plans.

The full website isn’t up yet, just a very rudimentary wordpress, but will hopefully develop into a more sophisticated and fully functioning website soon.

Check it out at

Also, if you havn’t already seen it, check out – an exciting grassroots new project to rebuild the Liberal Party of Australia launching on May 10!


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One Response to “Australian Liberals on Twitter”

  1. nico Says:

    the parliamentary system is nothing but a dialetic maze in finding feudal descent, amongst the feudal repesentatives.
    england never conceived of greco roman princepts of the senate as representative of the people

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