Mystic Trev Sees All…

Tim Blair this week hands over his column to the all-seeing Mystic Trev, who answers readers questions. Among those to whom wisdom is dispensed is a certain Malcolm T:

Dear Mystic Trev,

I don’t get it. I’ve done everything possible to make myself popular, from forcing the nation to have a massively expensive debate about republicanism which it didn’t want to being a fence-sitting wimp instead of opposing the Government’s insane climate change policies, yet still the public doesn’t like me. What is their problem?
– Malcolm T, on public transport

Dear Malcolm,
Look up “conservative”. Or just observe the behaviour of people currently in government and do something different.

To be honest I think this is a tad unfair – Malcolm has recently been trying very, very hard to adopt some conservative positions, and he should be commended for this. Still funny though.

(My previous comments on Malcolm can be read here)

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3 Responses to “Mystic Trev Sees All…”

  1. RobC Says:

    The thing is, Tim, Malcolm Turnbull is not the conservative he pretends to be and the voters, via the abysmal poll numbers, are seeing right through his facade of conservatism.

  2. JaketheMuss Says:

    What conservative positions do you refer to Tim?

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Well he did end up opposing the Stimulus eventually! Give him some credit!

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