The Future of the Right

From TheNextRight:

While the Right is very unhappy with the status quo, it does not yet know how to change it.  So here is the most crucial lesson of all for the Tea Party protesters and the Right’s new guards: This is not about Democrats.

Sure, there are plenty of Democratic policies to which we object.  But Democrats are not the problem we can fix.  Our problems are (1) the Republican Party, (2) the status quo conservative movement, and (3) the structural incentives that make politicians and government so unaccountable.

The next leaders of the Right and the Republican Party will be the people who succeed in fighting the old guard, destroying the conservative movement’s comfortable status quo, and genuinely reforming the Republican Party. They’re not going to go quietly.


4 Responses to “The Future of the Right”

  1. JaketheMuss Says:

    Mmm, applies just as well to Australia.

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    And Captain Obvious strikes again!

  3. jcscuba Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, good find.

  4. JaketheMuss Says:

    I wish I were as cool as you Tim. You’re just so powerful and hardcore, you really nailed me there.

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