How YOU can help Rebuild The Libs!

Thank you to everyone for the incredible positive response you have shown for Working together, we can really make a positive change, and engage with our supporters in a real, meaningful way. If all goes to plan, will be launching in early May.

So, what can you do now to help?

1)Contribute is about what you – party members and supporters – want to see. It isn’t about my ideas, or what the party machine wants. It’s about you. So submit ideas! This whole site will be premised on user generated content, and the more great ideas we have when we launch the better. So if you have an idea you want to see, write about it, and submit it to

Please note, we do not want lengthy analyses of what is wrong with the Liberal Party, or attacks on any individuals. We need to be proactive and forward thinking here. Similarly, for the sake of site simplicity, please keep each submission to one key idea. Long complex arguments drawing together multiple strains of ideas are great for articles, but not what makes for a good website. Remember KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Your submission can be a lengthy essay, it can be as short as a paragraph. It doesn’t matter. As long as you articulate one idea to help rebuild the Liberal Party, we want your input! And if you want, you can even be anonymous!

At the moment – and this is very liable to change as per your suggestions – I plan to have the website divided into several main categories, something like Policy, Campaigning, Outreach, Technology, Fundraising, Regeneration and Internal Structure. Each of these will then have each idea to improve these areas listed under them, which will link to an explanation. This will be open for public debate/comments. Obviously there is overlap between the categories, but I think we need to distil each idea to its core essence in order to make this attractive for people, easy to read, and in a manner that facilitates discussion. Again, I fully expect many idea submitted to be mutually exclusive, and I certainly don’t plan to agree with all of them – but the whole point is to promote debate!


In order for this to be seen as a credible force for change, we need as many endorsement as possible. If you are a branch president, club president, a Member of Parliament, or just a Liberal Supporter – we need your endorsement!

Endorsing this site does not mean you agree with all – or indeed any – of the ideas. What it means is that you recognize the need for debate about the future of the Liberal Party

If when launched we can say “ has been endorsed by 40 Young Liberal Branches, 30 Liberal University Clubs, 20 State MP’s and 10 Federal MP’s etc” the Party machine will have no choice but to listen. On the other hand, if all we can say is “This site is endorsed by Tim Andrews and a few crazy friends”, we won’t have the same impact!

To add your name to the list of endorsements, please click here.

3)Promote the Site

Tell your friends!

Follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Page! But don’t stop there! Tell all your friends! They don’t have to be a Liberal Party member, or a Liberal Student. They don’t even need to be all that interested in politics. All they need is to share our commitment to Liberal values, and a desire to make these values a reality.


Creating an innovative web presence like this requires money. We’re lucky enough to have a great IT guru who has offered to create the site free for us, but there are a lot of other expenses to make this site truly great. I’ve already donated some money for the domain name and limited hosting, but, to be blunt, I cannot afford to put up as much money as we really need to make this a great success.

We’re not talking about a lot. Just a small donation – $5, $10. For instance, $10 will buy us another month of Deluxe Hosting. $30AUD will allow us to register to help redirect traffic. When these costs are covered, we can ever look at some google ads.

So please, make a small contribution to rebuilding the Liberal Party. Every dollar WILL make a difference.

5)Email me your ideas!

I’m sure there is a lot I haven’t thought of. So please, email me any suggestions to!

Together we will make a difference!

PS – A contribution of just $10 really will make a big difference to the success of this site. Donate now!


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6 Responses to “How YOU can help Rebuild The Libs!”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Always a good laugh reading this blog.

    Tim how can you possibly say this: “Please note, we do not want lengthy analyses of what is wrong with the Liberal Party, or attacks on any individuals. We need to be proactive and forward thinking here”.

    That is exactly what your blog does all the time!

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    Yes but there’s a difference between my personal blog, and a project such as this!

  3. Jimmy Says:

    Thats fair enough but dont you think its a bit hypocritical on the one hand to be proposing something such as rebuildthelibs and on the other attacking “the party” and people within it? Furthermore dont you think your blog itself is destabilising? We all know there are plenty of things wrong with the Liberal Party and people we dont like but airing them in a public arena is far from constructive.

  4. Glynn Says:

    i would disagree, sometimes airing them to the public is the only to put a spotlight on the issue and get positive change into action. without people openly discussing serious issues it would be hard to get people thinking about the issues that are preventing us from getting the australian public on our side. after all its not our message that’s the problem, its the inner workings of the party and the way our message is promoted.

  5. Tim Andrews Says:

    I strongly agree with Glynnn – for far too long we try to hush everything up and it has failed. We are more than an exclusive club for our members – we represent millions of Australians. The only way forward is for us to start engaging with them.

    The top down model where the party speaks and people listen is over. Dead. Finished. It has been replaced with an interactive dialogue, and supporter empowerment. The right has realised this in most places around the world and have become stronger for it. The sooner the Liberals catch up to the 21st century better.

  6. jcscuba Says:

    Don’t bother, they are doing just fine taking care of them selves. Ah 2010

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