Who should lead the Liberal Party?

Obviously there has been continuing speculation in the media as to the future of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership. As I feel my blog covers a fairly broad spectrum of the conservative & libertarian young members of the party, I’m somewhat curious to see what you all think!

So – vote!

Update: Due to a glitch in WordPress, it would seem Tony Abbott isn’t on the list. Please feel free to write him in and those results will be tabulated at the end.


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10 Responses to “Who should lead the Liberal Party?”

  1. Ralph Buttigieg Says:


    Tim, I think we should adopt the UK Conservative Party method of choding a leader. Let the party members decide.



  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    Ralph – stay tuned for my next blog post on a project from me! 🙂

  3. Tim Andrews Says:

    Hmm. I find it curious that less than half the people who view this post choose to vote.

  4. Miranda Says:

    It may be because they are they’re just returning to the page to view the results.

  5. Tim Andrews Says:

    Interesting. In last 20 min turnbull went from 10 votes to 51. hmm.

  6. JaketheMuss Says:

    You have clearly underestimated his popularity Tim.

    Now that the fix is on, I shall now be setting out to make my own mockery of this poll.

  7. Bee Says:

    Obviously been fixed.

    I voted for ‘Other.’

  8. TerjeP (say tay-a) Says:

    My name wasn’t on the list. How unfair.

  9. Will Says:

    I would be fun to have US style primary to elect the leader.

    That of course will never ever happen!

  10. Alex Howen Says:

    While there may be sound arguments for direct membership involvement in electing the parliamentary leader, such polls do little to deal with the real issues as to the relevance and effectiveness of the Liberal Party.

    Your own curiosity (as admitted by you) encourages leadership focus. That misses the point you make in your laudible work in RebuildTheLibs.

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