Tim’s First YouTube Rant!

You have waited for it long enough! In two parts, I present to you… Tim on YouTube! Personally, I think the second part is better than the first… lol

And part 2 (which – again – is far more interesting than part 1):


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16 Responses to “Tim’s First YouTube Rant!”

  1. Ben Raue Says:

    What is with the hair?

  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    Fiscal conservatism dictates my financial expenditure on haircuts.

  3. Ross Grove Says:

    I think you may need to make the shift to podcasting!

  4. Tim Humphries Says:

    Indeed sustained effort will get us over the line, wishy-washy strategy won’t get us anywhere. Keep it up Tim.

    On a personal note I want to see a new Entrepeneurial Society fostered here! New businesses, new ideas, new tech companies, creating large scale businesses and employment. The road to success does start with a long term stratagem based around individual freedom and free markets. Once we excise agrarian socialism, individual liberty and a free market narrative can begin to be crafted to win over the electorate.

    Just had to whip out some Reagan quotes.

    My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose – somehow we win out. Ronald Reagan.

    Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States. Ronald Reagan.

    Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.
    Ronald Reagan.

  5. MC Says:

    I make one observation about a “problem” you raise, TA, and that is that there will always be many YL’s, and, indeed, numerous MP’s (even front benchers), who want to be a part of the Liberal Party because of their work ethic or small business acumen or desire to see minimum union or government interference in their workplace and life.

    Reading Hayek or Friedman might not be such a high priority for some. That’s not really a problem in my view. The whole party is never going to be an intellectual hub of bookworms. I can accept that. To be honest, I prefer that. I do realise that you personally might find it harder to take them seriously, but thems the breaks.

    The problem is not so much that we have lost our roots. It is that so many of our (especially State Oppositions) could not sell a bucket of water to a man on fire. Yes, the reason for arriving at a conclusion, based on a logical argument and backing it up with strong reasoning (maybe even some precedent) is very important. Nevertheless, if you end up looking like some muppet trying to explain a sales tax on a birthday cake because you’re just inherently crap, what’s the point?

    Kevin Rudd might be socialising this country, but he was able to get into power with the vaguest campaign message ever. Take the big Howard vs. Rudd debate. What the hell did this almighty visionary promise? He won a victory promising virtually nothing, one the back of saying “I’m new and exciting and ever so tach-savvy and nothing at all like Beazley or Latham,” leaving him open to implement his hidden, fascist agenda thereafter.

    Articulate presentation are going to be very important for the Liberal Party in the future. Now, if we could only have BOTH articulate delivery AND stay true to the right….

  6. Adam Owsinski Says:

    Mate , I need to send you some material on conservative Ideology and how we have strayed from it and how to win back our support

  7. Tim Andrews Says:

    Michael – I agree with pretty much all of that – that’s what I meant when I touched on us needing to create a solid metanarrative. But yes, you are for the most part totally right.

  8. Beccy Says:

    Tim, get a haircut!

    That aside, it really is nice to hear your voice again.

  9. ralph Buttigieg Says:

    Get a haircut.

  10. Miranda Says:

    Well I like the hair. Any man who channels Björn Ulvæus rates highly in my books.

    Good to finally hear your voice!

    And keep the rants coming…

  11. Ily Says:

    If you can cut it down to 90 secs, you might want to throw it on here.

  12. Robert Candelori Says:

    Tim, an excellent inaugural vodcast!

    You really hit home on some key points. It is really disparaging to watch the rabble that is our current Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party – no principles, no message. As you’ll recall, I wrote about the party’s woes in November last year: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=695924103&v=app_2347471856&viewas=695924103

    The sad thing is that not much has changed since I wrote that piece. Turnbull is still not able to cut through and he remains consistently unable to demonstrate strong policy convictions. Costello’s refusal to run for the leadership remains a destabilising factor, yet ironically, he is one of the few parliamentarians on the Liberal side contesting the battle of ideas beyond the petty quarrels over the amount of employees which constitute a small business.

    Costello is the only one advocating a liberalised labour market, lower taxes and smaller government – all from a position of pre-eminent credibility. Turnbull looks irresolutely vacuous by comparison. This is because Turnbull is all too ready to discard our founding principles in favour of political opportunism. Rudd is better at playing the political chameleon, but he can afford to do so as the incumbent. The Liberal Party, on the other hand, is not afforded such a luxury – its future lies in a solid platform of consistent principles of smaller government, freer markets and lower taxes.

    Unfortunately, unless there is some real policy work from the Liberal Party, we will be consigned to the political wilderness for many years to come. We cannot afford to have policy on the run, such as is the case currently where the leader changes his stance every other month; rather, we need detailed, well-researched policies imbued with our fundamental principles. John Hewson, despite his disgusting attacks in the media recently, took to the task of developing a detailed policy framework as leader. “Fightback” helped re-establish some credibility in a party long afflicted with leadership instability and infighting. He did not win the 1993 election, but that had more to do with a woeful campaign than anything else.

    More concisely, the point I’m trying to articulate is that once we’ve done the hard work on policy, the other stuff becomes secondary. The people of Australia do not care about personality contests in the Opposition, but they do care about the policies we intend to implement if we win government.

  13. Leo Perkins Says:

    here, here, lets bring it back to the true ideals.

    We need to romance the electorates with the ideals not just policy, because that gives them an understanding of how we will act so issues that don’t yet have a policy.

    Technical notes.

    You need to look at the camera, not just the picture of yourself. Try placing a big red dot next to the camera, so you know where to keep looking.

    More light on your face.

    Place your notes beside the camera to you keep in kind of looking at the camera.

    Otherwise a good first go.

  14. Tim Andrews Says:

    Thanks for the constructive criticism! Shall certainly take it on board when I feel like doing this again!

  15. JaketheMuss Says:

    Yes you did lean forward and back, forward and back, while looking up and down, up and down.

    However that’s basically what you do in real life so I found it quite comforting. As for your actual content, I’ll comment on that when I finish watching it. I’ve only watched the first 3 minutes because my computer decided it didn’t like you.

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