Conroy to use Tax Dollars to Monitor Blogs for Criticism

You think I make this up? If only.

Kerplunk alerts me to this story in the SMH:

The Federal Government will begin trawling blog sites as part of a new media monitoring strategy, with official documents singling out a website critical of the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy.

Tender documents issued by the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy reveal it is looking for a “monitoring service for print and electronic media”. The department later attached a clarification confirming this included “blogs such as Whirlpool”.

As Kerplunk notes:

Not only are we going to suffer slower Internet speed due to the government’s filter that is supposed to block child pornography, bomb making sites and the like but we now get a huge does of Big Brotherism as the government targets its politic opponents.

Folks, this is Australia.

We’re meant to have a free society.

Why is it always the left that uses the power of the state to impinge upon free speech?

Update: The Shadowlands blog welcomes this development, and trusts the geography-illiterate, spelling-challenged, poorly advised, innumerate, diplomatic dundering, platitude-saying, lying, earwax-snacking, conflict avoiding, cliche-riddled, bandicoot-molesting Mr Rudd learns something from the exercise.”


3 Responses to “Conroy to use Tax Dollars to Monitor Blogs for Criticism”

  1. Ross Grove Says:

    hmmm, “media monitoring” really isn’t as sinister as it sounds. It has been common place almost forever. My question is one of wasteful expenditure. Don’t these people have Google Alerts?

  2. Elias Bizannes Says:

    The industry now calls this social media. Just goes to how he little he understands the industry.

    Oh – and social media monitoring can be done for free.

    I just hope the senator reads my latest blog post which has had 2000 Americans read today on

    I’ve literally had it. Enough for me to want to move countries.

  3. Robert Candelori Says:

    The silly thing about the leaked official documents is that is not a blog site – it is an Australian internet forum with over 270,000 members.

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