Newly-Nationalised UK Bank Demands Political Affiliation of Customers

The Spectator reports:

The right to keep one’s political affiliation secret is in many eyes a sacred feature of British life. There are households where married couples don’t tell each other how they vote. Those who grew up during the Cold War era remember the years when, in some countries, party membership was a grim prerequisite of a halfway decent life. So it is still a matter of pride that, in Britain, one is never required to discuss one’s political beliefs. Unless, that is, you want to do a certain type of business with the state-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland.

Geoff Robbins, a Cheshire-based computer consultant, recently approached RBS to ask for a credit-card processing facility for his business. After the usual bankers’ inquisition, he was asked a question that knocked him for six: did he have any political affiliation? Did he know any MPs, councillors or mayors? It was a new question, the lady explained to him, which had been introduced soon after the government took control of RBS. She said, in his paraphrase, that ‘political influences may be used for corrupt purposes’.

Seriously chilling stuff, and I’m shocked this hasn’t received more publicity. We are on a slippery slope…

UPDATE: You can read the rest of the article on the Spectator Website



One Response to “Newly-Nationalised UK Bank Demands Political Affiliation of Customers”

  1. Bee Says:

    That is really quite disturbing. Why on earth would that be required?

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