Reporters Without Borders Condemn Commissar Conroy’s Communist Censorship

A recent report by Reporters without Borders has condemned the Australian Labor Party’s plans to censor the internet as one of the worst attacks on the internet internationally.

In this groundbreaking report on online freedom around the world, 12 countries are catagorised as “Enemies of the Internet”  – Saudi Arabia, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

While there is little doubt Commissar Conroy will be examining these countries in greater detail, trying to adapt their models to Australia, for now Australia is placed in the highly disturbing second category of countries on the cusp.

Australia is now in exactly the same category as: Bahrain, Belarus,  Eritrea, Malaysia, S. Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. Yay. What great company!

(Via Free Speech Blog)

Also, I’m at it, can people please stop writing blog posts that Xenophon voting against this bill makes one iota of difference? It doesn’t. This is a cheap publicity stunt on his part that people have gotten sucked into.

Xenophon’s vote is only be relevant in a scenario where the Coalition votes against the legislation, and the Greens and Senator Fielding vote for it. As the Greens have publicly stated they are voting against the legislation, this is not the case and Xenophon’s vote is utterly irrelevant. It’s called maths.

So let’s focus on a) ensuring the Coalition doesn’t compromise and b)that Labor doesn’t sneak it in through regulation as opposed to legislation. Mkay?



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One Response to “Reporters Without Borders Condemn Commissar Conroy’s Communist Censorship”

  1. Jimmy Rowe Says:

    Absolutely spot on the money honey! I am absolutely fired up about this issue.

    If Labor wants to censor the internet, then they may as well censor themselves out of existence!

    As I see it, it is an attack on the last largely uncontrolled part of our society by the government. Yet, we see what the real reason is, to largely hold web sites to ransom so no anti-government rhetoric to get through. It is also just another sign of things to come. Labor will no doubt take control of the whole internet feed in Australia, therefore taking control of the digital economy. Why are they doing this? Because it all comes down to revenue.

    A sad day in Australia will indeed take place if the government is serious about imposing control over the lives of the the internet citizens. Who, have for a long time been out of Labor’s reach, until now. It is nothing more than a vicious power grab, and as it stands, it will not be tolerated!

    For people in the internet industry such as myself, we are absolutely appalled. They want to destroy jobs wherever they can. Whatever they can touch. Introducing an ETS, and now an internet filter. Have they gone absolutely, and utterly insane? Serious, KRudd has rocks in his head. And probably doesn’t understand the way the internet works. No, wait a minute….! it’s the former!!!

    This scheme will kill jobs, and will slow internet speeds, causing more headaches for internet companies, as a result causing networks to have more expensive hardware installed to shore up the slow speeds to appease pissed off consumers, forcing companies to lay off workers. I thought Labor was for jobs!?!? It seems they aren’t interested, and will instead use whatever methods to whack the average Aussie with draconian filtering, the likes of which are on display in China, Cuba, and Venezuela. Well, it will not wash!

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