Following This Blog Post In Australia Will Make You Guilty of Being a Child Sex Offender

In possibly one of the most stupid legal decisions by an Australian court in recent times, a man pleaded guilty yesterday to possessing child pornography after he downloaded images of characters from The Simpsons and Pokemon naked and performing sex acts on each other. “Magistrate Sharon Holdsworth said that even though the images did not depict actual children being exploited, the need remained to deter members of the community from viewing or disseminating such images.”

These images get frequently passed around as jokes. There are thousands of them floating around the internet. And apparently having them on your computer makes you guilty of child porn. Which will go on your record. Permanently.

So, here’s a link to the Google image results if I do a search for’ Bart Simpson Sex’. If you follow the link and view these pictures in Australia, you will be guilty of viewing child pornography. Go ahead. Follow the link. I dare you.

(Via the ever-brilliant Radley Balko)

PS: I know this whole issue first came up a few months ago, but didn’t have the blog back then…

PPS: I was going to include the pictures on my blog post, so everyone who views this blog would be guilty of “viewing child pornography” but chickened out…



One Response to “Following This Blog Post In Australia Will Make You Guilty of Being a Child Sex Offender”

  1. dmboyd Says:

    This did the blog rounds when the news of this hit.. technically a cartoon depiction of homer simpson strangling bart would be considered “child abuse material” by the same argument and hence illegal to view

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