Opposing Big Government Child Brainwashing at the Local Level

From the Wentworth Courier:

“A PROGRAM called The Little Green Steps that would teach recycling and sustainable gardening to children at a Woollahra Council preschool has raised the ire of Liberal councillor Anthony Boskovitz, who on Monday night suggested his own education plan for children.

It would be called Climbing the Little Liberal Steps, he told a meeting of Woollahra Council to howls of laughter, and would introduce “personal responsibility, patriotism, freedom and individualism . . .”

“This is getting silly,” Mayor Andrew Petrie interrupted. “Where is the relevance?”

Cr Boskovitz managed to get out one more step – “ . . . resist the tyranny of big government” – before being shut down.

“I would have thought I would have been given the opportunity to speak like everyone else,” he said on Tuesday morning. “There is definitely a point in what I was saying.

“I think [the Little Green Steps program] could be trying to brainwash the child. I don’t want Woollahra to become a nanny state; we should be concentrating on literacy and numeracy.”

According to Cr Boskovitz, children should learn about patriotism, personal responsibility, freedom of the individual, and if there’s time, free markets and property rights, as well as “resisting big government”.

“These are all important traits of our country and we are blessed to live here. We should teach children they are lucky to live in a country where it is prosperous and peaceful,” he said.”I feel that Little Green Steps is essentially politicising the syllabus. It’s just as inane and silly to put up Little Green Steps as it is to put up Little Liberal Steps.”

Cr. Boskovitz is right about everything. Except that it would be silly to put in Little Liberal Steps. Little Liberal Steps might actually teach kids something useful. I fully endorse this program and would be more than happy to offer my (paid) services to any council who wishes to implement it.


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4 Responses to “Opposing Big Government Child Brainwashing at the Local Level”

  1. Ben Raue Says:

    You really think teaching children to recycle is brainwashing?

  2. Sam Adams Says:

    If Bosko really wanted to be awesome, he would put forward the argument that local councils should not have any say on preschool curriculum at all.

  3. Lauren Says:

    Oh Tim. I’m never sure when you are taking the piss when I can’t see your face.

  4. Bosko Says:

    Thanks Tim

    Thsi was a very important debate and one that needed to be made.

    Sam I agree 100% with you. Local Govt should be staying well out of setting cirriculums at pre schools or at any schools. It totally politicises everything.

    My point was that if we are going to politicise it then we might as well politicise it with the democratically elected ideology.. that being Liberalism… afterall we were elected with a good majority

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