Facebook-Terrorists Hijack Group

A rather disturbing case of ‘group hijacking’ has come across my desk. It would seem that a group dedicated to fighting the Australian Labor Party’s anti-youth, anti-freedom ‘2am lockout’ policy has been hijacked and turned into a “support Gaza” group recently. None of the over 25,000 members of this group were notified of this change. I assume most of them are still unaware.

As you can see from the attached screen shoot, the group ‘officers’ retain their ‘no 2am’ title.


This is disturbing, to say the least.


2 Responses to “Facebook-Terrorists Hijack Group”

  1. simon nothman Says:

    Hey Tim,

    yeah, this is fairly common. they do it to Jewish groups that have become defunct all the time.
    All that it requires is for the real creator to become disinterested and give someone else the right to change things and, hey presto, you have a terror support group.
    Not much you can do about it, methinks…

  2. rachel Says:

    I don’t know about “terror support group” Tim, but this is disturbing news. You can’t just go around changing a group’s objectives without consulting the members.

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