Student Protest Amusement Park?

Helen Rittlemeyer has come up with a rather novel business plan:

A student protest-themed amusement park where teenaged revolutionaries can spend a week reenacting the Spirit of ’68 without bothering the rest of us. We’d have professional reenactors, like Colonial Williamsburg, who could play administration officials. (Is Fred Thompson available? He’d be great casting.) Perhaps the land could be eminent-domained in “blighted” Manhattanville, in true university style?

Considering everyone knows the Yanks are rank armatures when it comes to the true machiavellianism of student politics, I think there is plenty of scope for budding Australian stu-pol entrepreneurs, all flush with compulsorily acquired student dollars, to make a quick buck. I mean if the Australian Union of Students could (allegedly) start up a travel company as a way to launder funds to terrorist organizations, I’m sure something like this would be a piece of cake!

I propose Darren Ray be the administrator…



4 Responses to “Student Protest Amusement Park?”

  1. Ben Raue Says:


  2. Tim Says:

    Instead of people dressed as cartoon characters, we could have things like people dressed as Paul Coates with an axe!

  3. Tim Humphries Says:

    hahahahaha – you’re a classic Andrews! Leninland for the left and AynRandland for the individualist right kinda catchy heh.

  4. Jerms Says:

    Bahahaha… Darren Ray – now there’s a blast from the past!

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