Manufacturing Guilt

Working as a defence paralegal for a year quickly shattered most of the nativity I held towards prosecutors and police. Many of the former do anything to obtain a conviction, many of the latter believe their uniform makes them invincible, above the law, and able to arbitrarily abuse at whim. Not all, mind you, not even the majority, but far too many for us to unquestioningly trust their judgment. Certainly as a class they are far from the shining knights presented in popular culture. Nevertheless, despite my general cynicism, some actions are still so abhorrently horrifying they still manage to shock me still.

Rodney Balko from Reason presents the results of an investigation he conducted demonstrating how medical examiners manufactured the evidence that put a man on death row.

Lengthy article, but a must read for anyone even remotly interested in justice.

One wonders whether the blatant fabrication of evidence resulting in people being sent to death law could be considered equivalent to murder.



One Response to “Manufacturing Guilt”

  1. JaketheMuss Says:

    Wow, that’s really disturbing. I shall link to this post in a police story from USA that I’m going to publish soon on my blog.

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