Tim’s First Hansard Appearance!

Okay, so this is pure ego, but I do have to say I feel rather cool about receiving my very first mention in Hansard (transcripts of Parliament):

MR COE (Ginninderra) (5:03): Thousands of students will start university again this year, with orientation weeks beginning next week in Canberra and around the country later this month. University life is an exciting time and represents a world of opportunity for students around the country. Since the 2006 academic year, students across Australia have not been forced to pay compulsory student union fees. In late 2005, the Howard government implemented legislation banning the collection of compulsory union fees. The then federal government cut the unfair student tax.

When talking about the passage of the 2005 legislation, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention some of those who fought hard to ensure the passage of the legislation. Liberal student leaders Rohan D’Souza, Julian Barendse and Tim Andrews dedicated themselves to the fight for freedom on campus for many years and were instrumental in 2005. Then Young Liberal president and now federal member for Mitchell, Alex Hawke, and other federal members, including Sophie Mirabella, Senator Mitch Fifield, Senator Eric Abetz, Dr Brendan Nelson, and Senator Steve Fielding were all instrumental in the bill’s passing.

Compulsory union fees do nothing except support the careers of aspiring Labor Party politicians and subsidise political protest at the expense of students who would rather spend hundreds of dollars on other things of their choosing.


From the ACT Legislative Assembly.

I should note that I am completely worthy of being placed in such high company, and that full credit should go to Julian and Rohan who led the ALSF charge (and those in the years before them). I was merely fortunate enough in my years as ALSF President to be standing on the shoulders of giants.

Still, feels kinda good to be in Hansard! 🙂


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2 Responses to “Tim’s First Hansard Appearance!”

  1. Jacques Chester Says:

    And speaking of giant shoulders, how come I didn’t know you had a blog now?

    The first I knew about it was you linking to a Ned the Bear comic!

  2. Tim Humphries Says:


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