Just when I was Beginning to Have Faith in the Federal Libs… This!!!

Just when my faith in the Liberal Party was restored, just when the Party took a stand for sound economic principles, just when we remember the core free market principles that made Australia great, just when we did what was right  and not just what was populist, the following press release by Chris Pearce, Shadow Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law, crossed my desk:

“Kevin Rudd says he is opposed to neo-liberal free market approaches.

“Kevin Rudd implies he wants to add masses of regulation and red tape to control the market.

“Yet he can’t even set maximum ATM fees.  What a disgrace,” said Chris Pearce.

“Banks will be able to charge whatever they like for Australians to use their ATMs.  What’s the Government going to do to stop the rip off?  Australians are sick and tired of huge fees in their monthly statements.

“The Prime Minister pretends he can do nothing and sits on his hands instead of supplying proper guidance for what banks can and cannot charge.

“Kevin Rudd should focus on the plight of Australian mums and dads and provide guidance to create a level playing field for all banking players.

“This will introduce a level of certainty into the market place.

Words fail me. Chris Peace is actually calling on Rudd to attack the free market more. A Liberal MP – a Shadow Minister at that  – thinks Kevin Rudd isn’t taking us down the road to serfdom fast enough: “Banks will be able to charge whatever they like for Australians to use their ATMs” How dare they! How dare a private institution choose what to charge people for its services! And there was I – silly me – thinking that the Liberals supported free enterprise.

Seriously, who on earth preselects  these people?????

Not only is this bad policy, which, if enacted, would ultimately drive up bank fees and hurt consumers in the long run (and is particularly disastrous in the current economic climate), it runs completely contrary to everything we as the Liberal Party believe in. This is a disgrace, pure and simple. Whether Chris Pearce is stupid enough to believe the drivel in this release, or is just engaging in political prostitution is moot. It is a utterly reprehensible.

It is this kind of grubby populism that shall pave the way to nothing more than a landslide election defeat.


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3 Responses to “Just when I was Beginning to Have Faith in the Federal Libs… This!!!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Chris pearce wasn’t actually preselected, well, at least not in the traditional sense…he was selected by either the state of fed sectretariat (can’t recall which) to fill the casual vacancy left by the death of Peter Nugent in 2001…

    …unfortunately, due to the conservative culture within the victorian liberal party, that manifests itself in a fear of dumping sitting mps, when mr pearce was up for preselection prior to the 2002 & 2006 fed elections there were no realistic challengers…

    As a final note, it’s somewhat depressing that my local mp is putting out press releases like this….shame pearce shame….

  2. Justin Says:

    I… don’t care. ATM fees of $5 ARE exorbitant.

  3. Tim Says:

    Then here’s an idea: CHANGE BANKS!

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