Proof Rudd is a Moron

Exhibit A:



*sigh* Please note this person is meant to be the Prime Minister of Australia. And yup, he can’t even use apostrophes.

And he’s asking us to trust him with $42 billion dollars.


Even ignoring this, how dare this man seek to take advantage of the deaths of so many Australians as a brazen political stunt like this? One minute twitter silence? From him? Is this some kind of twisted joke???  This is sickening, and an insult to all who perished in the blaze.

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11 Responses to “Proof Rudd is a Moron”

  1. JaketheMuss Says:

    I think its his staffer that is the moron. Youre obsession with apostrophes is annoying.

    Please note that I have removed them from this post.

  2. Tim Says:


    So what you’re saying is that a)Rudd’s account is a fake and b)He employs morons.

    Well, that certainly makes it better for him!

  3. Manny Says:

    I’ve caught u making grammatical errors in the past timbo. settle. he’s a diplomat remember…knows how to speak 4 languages (includnig chinese!)

  4. Tim Says:

    No, you catch me making typos (like your “includnig”). There is a difference.

  5. Ben Raue Says:

    For fuck’s sake. Of course it’s a staffer. If anyone thinks Rudd is twittering himself, they are the moron. And who gives a shit about a simple misplaced punctuation mark. It’s hardly a polished document.

  6. Tim Says:

    1)Turnbull twitters himself. As do most US politicians on twitter.
    2)If this was Bush your lol would be going “haha stupid bush”
    3)I note you ignore the actual point about his manipulation of fires with this fucking moronic twitter publicity stunt

  7. God Says:

    Crucify him!

  8. rachel Says:

    C’mon, Tim. Everyone knows Rudd doesn’t write his own Twitter posts. And while I’m a stickler for apostrophes myself (they are my special talent), even I have to admit that their use has nothing to do with governing a country.

    Although it does have something to do with working in communications, as the person who wrote the post obviously does.

  9. Natalie Says:

    The usage of apostrophes have been the cause of anger and confusion in many contract law cases 😛

    Rudd better be careful! This is a similar faux pas to the $2.42b typo he made in the stimulus package which would have increased the defence housing budget by billions of dollars.

  10. Getlaidmate Says:

    4 posts down on this very blog…

    ‘It’s official. Labor has violated it’s pre-election pledge’.

    Yes, that’s right. You make almost the very same mistake: inserting an apostrophe where there should not be one.

    Quit pretending like you know shit, man. It’s embarrassing.

  11. Tim Says:

    Hmm. Fair call, that is rather embarrassing.

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