What we are extremely scared of…

Start typing “I am extremely” into Google and see what its preemptive Google Suggest search algorithm comes up with. Yes this actually works:


Via The Cato Institute’s New Media Guru, Chris Moody


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4 Responses to “What we are extremely scared of…”

  1. newman Says:

    gonna try it!


  2. Tim Says:

    If defiantly works here – I’d be interested to see if the algorithm would result in a different result based on the country of the user (in much the same way that search results are tailored to your IP)

  3. Davis Says:

    this would help me decide how I’m going to feel on a particular day — great! I need the help of a mega-corp to do this

  4. JaketheMuss Says:

    It didn’t work for me.

    I shall now commence Operation Infinite Justice.

    You are the Taliban.

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