As Australia Burns, Conroy Celebrates Internet Censorship

I was forwarded the following note on Facebook; author unknown:

“As 130 people died slowly, and painfully in the worst bush-fires in Australia’s history; as friends and family try to put the pieces together; with 200 people dead or missing, Stephen Conroy plans to celebrate “Australia participates in Safer Internet Day 2009″ (scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th of February).


As Victoria burns, it reads “young people around Australia will participate activities promoting responsible internet use during Safer Internet Day 2009.”

Seems to me that Conroy should take a page out of his own book and practice some of his own responsible internet usage.

No bushfire could stand in the way of this man and a good press release – not even a national tragedy worse than Ash Wednesday, not even the suffering of thousands of homeless Australians – the injured, parents without children, children without parents, families without homes.

Though I suppose it’s no surprise – maybe he was napping when the news about the death toll hit – (Conroy was caught napping as the Senate debated his legislation relating to the planned digital television switchover.)”

The twittesphere suggests that the $44 million on Conroy’s plans to create the most draconian censorship regime in the western world be censorship be scrapped, with the money given to bushfire survives.

FakeStephenConroy notes though that next year every day will be safe internet day. What, with almost no internet and all.

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