Turnbull: Good policies, smart politics.

Malcolm Turnbull I feel has very, very cleverly positioned himself as trying to reach bipartisan consensus, and genuinely trying to work together, while Labor just wants to impose its will with no regard for others. Although my viewpoints on ‘bipartisanship’ are well known, it tends to resonate well with the electorate, and Mr. Rudd has completely blundered in his handling of this.

The longer this drags out, and the more people peer into the details of this package, the more damaging it will be for Rudd. By turning attention to future debt and our children, Turnbull has succeeded in framing the issue, and, while a dip in the polls of a few percent in the short term is expected, the longer this goes on the better for Turnbull it shall be.

Other than in the mind of Fairfax Journalists and the ABC, I think Turnbull has seized the initiative on this debate.



Good policies, smart politics.

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