Turnbull: Credit where Credit is Due

It is no secret that I have been rather critical of the performance of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party recently. However, credit where credit is due. I have been impressed somewhat with the Malcolm Turnbull in three key ways:

1)Opposing the ridiculously unjustified commercial property bailout saying it should be left to the market to decide. I think that the Liberals have a long way to go in terms of selling opposition to this undeserved, corporate-welfare bailout to labor mates with taxpayer dollars, but this is certainly a good start.

2)Calling for tax cuts:

“Our view is that Australians need encouragement. They’re entitled to get leadership from government that creates incentives to invest, to hire people, to keep employees employed and the one thing that we’ve learned over many years of experience around the world…is that permanent tax cuts provide a greater, longer lasting stimulus than one off payments.”

3)Opposing the ETS. While there is much bad (policy wise) in Turnbull’s plan, it is politically savvy, and anything that delays the ETS is a good thing.

Admittedly, these things should be viewed purely as common sense, and are rather standard Liberal philosophy, but a nice change to hear the Leader espousing them.

In the same way as David Cameron initially positined himself to the left, and then gradually moved to the right – leading to increased polling, I have some hope that this could be the first signs of the Liberal Party returning to its principles. In any event, on the new website http://www.jobsforaustralia.com the Liberals ask for submissions on how to creat jobs. The answer is quite simple:

1)Cut taxes (see above)
2)Cut regulation (businesses currently burdened with it – a massive cost)
3)Continue opposing ETS
4)Free up the Labor Market
5)Oppose Gillard’s Fair Work Bill – economic modeling shows it could drive unemployment up to 13%.


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2 Responses to “Turnbull: Credit where Credit is Due”

  1. Scott Farlow Says:

    Tim I’m very glad you’re joining us in Team Turnbull. We need to do whatever we can to get the man who doesn’t think Keynes went far enough out of the lodge!

  2. Eric Hood Says:

    I was happy to see Turnbull propose tax cuts. I hope he does not go ahead with a carbon tax.

    Now we need a statement saying there will be an aggressive reduction in tariffs as well.

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