A Job for the Times

Chris Moody on an awesome job for this economic downturn:

Perhaps by now you’ve heard the story of the botched Somali pirate ransom attempt where most of the pirates drowned after arguing over how to split the money. Today, one of the bodies washed up onshore with a part of the booty, but that’s not what I’m interested in.

This is:

“But a pirate spokesman assured The Associated Press on Sunday that the 20 crew members on the MV Faina were doing well.”

Okay, I’ve heard that being the president’s press secretary was a tough job. I can’t imagine being a lobbyist for a tobacco company is any easier. But for the love of Pete, where can I sign up to be a Pirate Spokesman?

If anyone has any leads or you are taking applications, drop me a line.

I’m now imagining the President’s Press Secretary justifying even more theft taxes with “Arr, we need the precious booty”.



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