“I Pledge to be a Servant to our President”

Go straight to 3:54 in this clip (with Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and other ‘famous people’):

Wow. Um. I can’t even begin to comment.

Funny though, as soon as I saw this my reflexes involuntarily kicked in. My immediately pushed my chair back away from the computer and covered my mouth with my hands in sheer revulsion and horror – and was then almost paralyzed for 5 seconds.

I mean. Wow. Even re-watching it I get this spine-tingling feeling of sheer terror. As if the servant stuff wasn’t bad enough, the monotone, in unison chanting straight after…I shudder. This is seriously, seriously scary stuff.

And people though I was exaggerating.

H/T: Will Willkinson

Update: It’s been pointed out to me that Harpo Productions, who are shown at the end as the producers, is Oprah Whinfrey’s Production Company. Interesting.


9 Responses to ““I Pledge to be a Servant to our President””

  1. Anthony Ebert Says:

    Viva Peron!

  2. Jake the Muss Says:

    …so you’re saying you aren’t going to pledge to be Obama’s man servant?

    Your loss buddy, I’ve got the jungle fever AND I’M CASHING IN.

  3. Scott Farlow Says:

    I pledge to get a Republican back in the White House so Hollywood actors can do their promos/trailers for television networks/big budget action films and leave Presidential inaugurations alone!

  4. Jerms Says:

    Songs they could have used as the backing song for this:

    * The Internationale
    * The national anthem of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea
    * The Worker’s Marseillaise
    * Hallelujah, I’m a Bum

  5. Ross Grove Says:

    Wow. I must be so out of touch.

  6. Beccy Says:

    I pledge to uphold the ideals of life, liberty, property, peace and sound money. I’m a servant to nobody!

  7. Aussie bum Says:

    I pledge to drink beer on Australia day. 3 more sleeps!

  8. Natalie Says:

    Think of how many will pledge their servitude to Arnie haha

  9. rachel Says:

    Oh Hollywood, you can be such an embarrassment sometimes.

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