Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Unmasked!!!

As the Bush Era draws to a close, starting revelations about the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy have been uncovered!

Recent investigative reporting has uncovered a cabal of shadowy figures pulling the strings behind the conservative movement. Now, for the first time, this ritualistic cult is unmasked.

I present to you: the cult of Snuggie!

For those of you uninitiated with the Snuggie, it’s the blanket with sleeves! Checkout this youtube commercial (which plays regularly on TV)

Innocent enough you think? Not at all. For what seems like an innocuous covering in fact is at the core of the secret rituals of the VRWC.



Fred Smith, President & Founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform


Cult members prepare for the Rapture


And bitterly cling to their guns


The control the airwaves


But plan to dominate the world…


They use strange rituals


And are evil incarnate.


They manipulate elections


Cross them and die.

As for me? My role in this? See for yourself:


Over 100 persons have been publically exposed as members of the Snuggie Cult…


One Response to “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Unmasked!!!”

  1. Ross Grove Says:

    I thought you were about to use snuggy as a metaphor for how the GOP isn’t positioning itself correctly…

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