The “Way Forward” for the Right

As expected, the last few months have evidence a veritably avalanche of commentators espousing the ‘way forward’ for the conservative/libertarian movement. Countless op-eds, blogs and even books have been dedicated to this topic.

Some focus on ideological principles – whether we should return to core principles, or modify them for a new age; to what extent we should reach out and ‘broaden the base’.

Others view technology as the panacea that will solve all problems.

Others have talked more about presentation: how to articulate our views, how to place them into a narrative for people to relate to.

The problem with all these analysis, however, is that they are all based upon one fundamental assumption: that of a static, or at least influenced only by external factors, body politic.

Essentially all the ‘moving forward’ approaches are based upon the notion that we must find a way to best ‘position’ ourselves to respond to the what the public wants.

While such an approach is certainly essential in the short term, and I do not mean to downplay the importance of positioning or of the political campaign,  such a strategy is insufficient for long term success. Rather, instead of asking how we should shift to accommodate the public, we should instead ask how we work to shift the public to what we want.

We need to once again be proactive, and not merely reactionary. The message of freedom must be spread, and people must be educated. This is how the right shall ultimatly be successful. Technology, positioning, campaigning are tools to an end, but not an end in and of themselves.

We must remember why we are fighting this fight. Only then shall we be victorious in the Battle of ideas.


One Response to “The “Way Forward” for the Right”

  1. Zaya Toma Says:

    Sounds a bit like Lenin 🙂

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