IT Industry slams Labor’s censorhip plan

Labor’s plans to massively  slow down the web and bring Australia in line with China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran by censoring the internet has been slammed as impossible by the industry.

Australia is already the laughing stock of the Western world over this.

Thank God the Libs still have good MP’s like Alex Hawke who say their priority is “to ensure the Coalition opposes the Government’s plan for a broad internet filter”


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2 Responses to “IT Industry slams Labor’s censorhip plan”

  1. nuge Says:

    It’s typical of labor to try to control things it doesn’t like…if this thing gets up I’m leaving the country….

  2. Nolan Says:

    Man, but you see, the thing is, no one’s thinking about the children? How is the market going to guarantee access to decent pornography for minors?

    You crazy blue sky solutioneering libertarians.

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